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Custom Music Playlist

Are you too busy to search for those songs that will give you the mental stimulation that you need? Too tired to build you a refreshed playlist to help you smash your gym session? Maybe you just want to simply hear something new and motivational.


Don't worry I got you! I have always said that music is the pulse of life. Whether you are at work, cleaning your home, at the gym, relaxing by yourself, with family and friends, or a significant other. The power and influence that music will have on the mood is irrefutable. My love and deep appreciation for music spans for over 30 years across all genres. Here, I will lend my ear and build you a fresh and highly motivational playlist of audible energy! See below for additional details.

Pick Your POWER

To get your custom Hygher Power music playlist simply choose one of the playlist packages and email me the vibe that you are going for and I will have your customized playlist suggestion emailed over to you within 24 hours.  For any additional questions please email me.


My favorite genre of music is hip-hop. The artistic expression, the rawness, and pure poeticism has captivated my mind and heart for over 30 years. Hip-Hop has been a constant source of motivation in my life since I was a child. I love hip-hop from all coasts and all eras.

R & B

Whether it's 80's, 90's, early 2000's or the R&B of today, I love it all. Anytime, I want to mellow out or create a nice mood for me and my Queen, I have thousands of songs that are my go-to's and will make the mood just right. I have a really special ear for quality Rhythm and Blues.

Old School

I was born in 82' to a family full of soul. Soulful tunes from the 60's and 70 were ever-present in my home and forever made a powerful and impactful impression in my life. I vividly remember being mesmerized by how vinyl records looked, worked, and sounded as a child. The tunes always seemed to fill me up with nostalgia and wonderment of the magic that existed within that moment and time.


Let's go to Africa. This music rattles the caged lion within my soul. I first fell in love with Afrobeats many years ago after being consumed by the powerful tunes of Fela Kuti. Certain tunes are more like cultural experiences and listening to them always provides me with the energy and fuel that I need.


In a sentimental mood (my favorite jazz tune by the way)? There is literally never a bad time for jazz. I live by the saying "Only this moment is life" and jazz is all about improv and being in the moment. Let me curate a relaxed, rejuvenating, and reinvigorating selection for you.

Packages & Pricing

 Power Play - 10 Song Playlist Suggestion - Just let me know what genre(s) and the vibe that you are going for and I will go to work to put together a fresh playlist of 10 amazing songs. $10

 The Sweet Spot - 15 Song Playlist Suggestion - You provide the details on the vibe that you are looking for and I'll compile a list of 15 enlivening songs for you. $15

The Hygh - 30 Song Playlist Suggestion - For exactly the vibe that you are needing. This playlist is for those longer runs, fitness classes, gym sessions, or that special occasion! This will give you over 90 minutes of HITS that will provide the palpable energy that you need! $30

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