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Stone Road




Updated: Oct 16, 2022

There you are at mile 23 of your very first marathon! You have maintained a decent pace for the entire race. You are pushing along strong, even though you feel like a mummy who has risen out of their sarcophagus.

For the past 10 miles or so you've had to pee, but the warrior in you keeps telling yourself that you can hold it! You have been passing every porta-potty like a champ.

But you get to a very uncomfortable fork in the road. You can no longer hold it! The self-talk isn't working anymore and your bladder is at full capacity as you bounce along. You have two choices - one: stop at the very next porta-potty, screw up your time and release yourself like a normal human-being OR two: piss your pants and keep your pace like the beast that you are!

Which do you choose?

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