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The roots of this plant-based lifestyle runs deep. Below I am sharing resources that have helped me make this amazing journey easier. 

Being plant-based has opened my mind up to a whole new world and an entirely new way of living. With that being said information can become overwhelming at times. Check out my list of helpful resources below.

Savoir Vegan

Take a look at my families very first blog! Curious about some of my findings and research from 2010? Me and the queen started a blog that was full of amazing information. Being that it's so old, some of the links may be unaccessible but tons of the information is still there. To check it out click here.

Veg Web

I speak about this site a lot. If you are in search of a community that shares thousands of delicious recipes along with reviews and pictures of those recipes look no further. This site holds the worlds largest collection of plant-based recipes. I have found some of the most mouthwatering recipes from this very site. Click here to check it out!

China Study

This is an amazing book or should I say study, written by T. Colin Campbell and his son Thomas Campbell II. It's the most comprehensive study that I have ever come across on nutrition. This provides an in-depth decades long study that supports the significant health benefits of a plant based diet. To learn more click here

Simply Raw

Reversing Diabetes in 30 days! This is a documentary that I came across many years ago that absolutely blew my mind! With so many people suffering and dying from diabetes complications, why isn't this information be shared more? I encourage all to watch this documentary with an open mind and share with anyone that you believe can benefit. Click here and check this video out asap while it's up as it has been taken down a few times before. Thank me later!

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